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Meet Rachidy

I'm Rachidy Asaf, a gardener, and creator of Cactus Ranch Shop.


Seven years ago I began collecting and cultivating different plants, particularly cactus and succulents. My favorites are desert and exotic plants that are hearty and low maintenance. But most importantly, they offer energy and healing benefits.

My passion for these plants transformed from a hobby to a lifestyle. I later began a business venture with Pop Up venues and spaces in garden centers and nurseries, where I offered personalized arrangements for homes, events, and gifts.

Now, I have expanded to my own business. A shop dedicated to gardening services where I have a personal connection with my clients as I introduce the magic of plants and nature to their homes and businesses. I offer workshops if you're interested in learning about how to handle, arrange, and care for cactus and succulent plants. I design interior and exterior gardens for your home or business, and I offer consultation services.

My love for nature and the beauty of cactus and succulent plants stems from my upbringing. My mom influenced this passion that I now want to share with the world. 

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Cactus Ranch Shop

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